Do Sparrows Have Red Heads?

Does the redhead sparrow really exist, or is it just a myth? This is a question that many bird lovers have always had to ask themselves. In this blog, we will have a brief dive-in to help us understand all there is about the redhead sparrow.
Although the name red sparrow is often used, the fact is there are no bird species commonly known as the “Red-Headed Sparrow out there. The bird that people refer to as the red sparrow is a different bird species known as a Finch and, to be specific, a House finch.
The House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus), is a native bird species in North America and shares several characteristics with sparrows, such as their size and shape.
House Finches are small, lively songbirds that are easily recognizable by their colorful plumage and distinct calls. They have a widespread distribution, from urban areas to rural landscapes, and are often found near human habitation, including gardens, parks, and backyards.